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Strategic plan

Redefining excellence builds on the Centre's 14 years of experience supporting the evidence-informed evolution of the child and youth mental health system. It includes input from nearly 100 stakeholders and partners and charts a bold new course designed to turn transformation into transformaction.

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The best mental health and well-being for every child, youth and family.


We drive high-quality child and youth mental health services by setting the bar for excellence and collaborating with others to pursue continuous quality improvement.

Focus on the fundamentals:

In 2018-19, the Centre will assemble the building blocks that are necessary to turn our strategic plan into reality.

Priorities: We will reach out to stakeholders and cross-sectoral partners to co-develop a set of system and research priorities designed to close the most urgent service and knowledge gaps.

Processes: We will establish a comprehensive framework for developing standards in child and youth mental health.

Partnerships: We will strengthen existing relationships and establish new connections to support collaboration and collective impact.

Performance: We will develop a new performance measurement framework for the Centre and actively participate in a system-wide effort to establish a quality framework for the sector.

Strategic directions:

Set standards

The Centre will develop and publish standards for child and youth mental health services in Ontario.

Drive change

The Centre will use evidence and data to inform forthright conversations about organizational and system performance.

Grow evidence

The Centre will close knowledge gaps by supporting practical innovation and evaluation.

Integrate data

The Centre will collaborate with partners to build an integrated data strategy for child and youth mental health.

Build our team

The Centre will adopt an organizational structure that will enable us to deliver excellence while continually tapping in to external expertise.

Broaden our impact

Children, youth and families don’t exist in one system, so neither will we. The Centre will diversify our approach to include all organizations that provide child and youth mental health services.

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Please note: We do not provide mental health advice, counselling or treatment.
If you, or if someone you know is in crisis right now, please call the Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.

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