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Field Notes

When opportunity knocks, why not have it delivered directly to your inbox? Field Notes, the Centre’s quarterly newsletter, is delivered electronically to thousands of stakeholders in Ontario and beyond. When we have new products, services, tools or announcements, Field Notes subscribers are the first to know.

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January 2011
A new year, new focus and new name!

October 2010
A focus on the next six years

August 2009
A focus on community mobilization

March 2009
A focus on our Centre product library

September 2008
A focus on program evaluation

May 2008
A focus on stigma

January 2008
A focus on the year ahead

November 2007
A focus on education

September 2007
A focus on child and youth mental health services in Ontario

May 2007 
A focus on dual diagnosis

May 2007
Special Edition 
National Child and Youth Mental Health Day

April 2007
A focus on Northern Ontario

January 2007
Special Edition
Strategic Directions 2007 and beyond

December 2006
A focus on child welfare

September 2006
A focus on students' mental health

June 2006
A focus on Youth Justice and Children's Mental Health: A call for better integration and more resources

May 2006
Special Edition
Highlights of the Kirby report from a child and youth mental health perspective

March 2006
A focus on Rural Homelessness: The Lanark County Experience

November 2005
A letter from the Executive Directors

Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health

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Please note: We do not provide mental health advice, counselling or treatment.
If you, or if someone you know is in crisis right now, please call the Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.

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