Things are finally warming up, and we're very pleased to keep you in the loop on what we’ve been up to the past few months. From big new products to upcoming learning opportunities, the Centre is ready to jump into spring with even more new tools and resources to help you use evidence to strengthen child and youth mental health care.



arrow-right   All of our best stuff in one convenient place
Knowledge is only useful if you know where to find it, so the Centre has now collected all our products in one handy spot. Whether you’re looking for webinars, toolkits, databases, learning modules, policy papers, videos or evidence summaries, you’ll find it in our resource hub.


arrow-right   Find learning opportunities when, where and how you need them
Continuous learning and development supports stronger professionals, agencies, communities and systems. But there’ s so much going on out there, we know it can be tough to find the training resources that are right for you. The Centre is pleased to bring these opportunities together in one convenient, searchable and bilingual learning calendar that covers the diverse issues that have an impact on the quality of child and youth mental health care across the province.



arrow-right   Demystifying the jargon with cartoons

What is implementation? Evaluation? How about evidence-informed practice? Do you belong to a learning organization? How would you know? Why are youth and family engagement so important, and how can you use it to take your work to a whole new level? The Centre is pleased to share a collection of new animated videos that break down these important concepts and bring them to life in the child and youth mental health context. Watch, enjoy and share them with others!


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Upcoming webinars
Today: Strategies for communicating evaluation findings
April 29: Promising practice: Wraparound Milwaukee (presented in partnership with eeNet)
May 13: Sustaining evaluation

Tech support
Check out the Centre’s newest policy paper on the opportunities and risks when using technology in service provision.

Want to chat?

The Centre hosts live chats on emerging and buzzworthy topics. Check out the transcripts and watch our learning calendar for upcoming events.

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