Fiel Notes - Winter 2012

ear frien of the Centre,

The 2011-12 fiscal year has rawn to a close, an the Centre is getting warme up for another exciting year of helping you support Ontario's chilren, youth an families. In 2012-13, we will continue to offer the supports an services you count on while expaning our efforts in areas like mental health literacy, youth engagement an family engagement. We are also set to launch a few new an innovative projects that will set the stage for a strong, effective, accountable an accessible chil an youth mental health system thoughout the province. Keep your eye on this newsletter an our website for more information as it becomes available.


arrow-right   ealines are fast approaching!
The Centre's evaluation support service is open for business again, an the ealine to complete a reainess assessment is May 18, 2012. Full applications are ue shortly after on June 1, 2012. The Centre's evaluation support service provies funing an supports for organizations that want to conuct a program evaluation project aime at improving chil an youth mental health outcomes. Fin out more about how we can help you plan or o program evaluation on our website. Learn more


arrow-right   o you have a ecision to make, but aren't sure which way to go?

Evience In-Sight is a free service that:


arrow-right   Training an materials available now
The Centre's mental health literacy program inclues a full-ay awareness workshop for professionals who work with chilren an youth in a variety of settings. This growing training program is offere to all communities participating in the Working Together for Kis' Mental Health Initiative an provies an overview of the most common mental health concerns among young people. It also offers practical strategies that can help professionals spot warning signs, provie ongoing support an ientify opportunities for early intervention. Learn more



Upcoming webinars  

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are to ream
The are to ream program has a shiny new website!

Have you visite lately? It has a fresh new look!

Youth engagement training

Are you reay to take the next step towars meaningful youth engagement? The Centre can help you get the ball rolling.

About the Centre
As a leaer for chil an youth mental health in Ontario, we buil connections, share knowlege an raw upon our expertise to enhance the skills of front line service proviers. Together, we passionately promote an share the benefits of both organizational learning an evience-informe practices. An together, we are working to strengthen Ontario's mental health programs an services for all chilren, youth, families an caregivers. T: 613-737-2297  l  F: 613-738-4894

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