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With the summer coming to a close, we know we’re not alone in welcoming a very busy Fall season. As always, the Centre is pleased to keep you in the loop about our new products and current opportunities. We hope you have had time to relax and refresh these last few months, and we’re looking forward to working with you to strengthen mental health services for Ontario’s children and youth.


arrow-right   The Centre’s 2011-12 annual report is now available
The Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health is pleased to announce the release of our 2011-12 annual report. Your Journey describes the Centre’s activities, achievements and financials for the last fiscal year. More importantly, it highlights real-life stories of how Ontario child and youth mental health agencies are using our products and services to strengthen front-line care. Learn more


arrow-right   Introducing this year’s program participants

The application process is complete and the results are in. The Centre is proud to announce the 2012-13 participants of our evaluation support program. We can’t wait to work with these 20 outstanding agencies as they embark on program evaluation projects designed to help them grow and deliver the best possible outcomes for the people they serve.


arrow-right   Helping you make it happen
Is your agency planning to implement a new evidence-informed practice? Did you know the Centre can help? Our implementation support team is available to help you navigate the change process while building skills and knowledge that will strengthen your staff, services and entire organization. Learn more


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Thanks to Lutherwood, Kitchener-Waterloo in now on! Find out how you can get involved too.

Evidence In-Sight
Free consultation services for your agency.

Dare to Dream

The next deadline for the Dare to Dream program is October 31.
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