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The Centre believes that, to have the greatest impact in the child and youth mental health sector in Ontario, we must work together to form new partnerships, share new knowledge and discover new ways to get things done. Developed by the Centre to enhance agencies’ evaluation skills and knowledge, these toolkits also provide links to complementary Centre resources.

Youth engagement

Walking the talk
Walking the talk
This online toolkit for engaging youth in mental health will give you a better understanding of how youth engagement can directly benefit youth, service areas and communities in Ontario's child and youth mental health sector. We've designed it to highlight the benefits, help you implement youth engagement initiatives in your agency and showcase the many youth engagement success stories from across the province.


Ready... Set... Engage! (PDF)


Youth suicide prevention, risk management and postvention

Together to live

Together to live
An online toolkit for addressing youth suicide in your community. Together to Live is a growing collection of tools, stories and evidence that support a whole-community approach to suicide prevention, risk management and postvention.


Knowledge Mobilization (KMb)

Knowledge mobilization toolkit
Knowledge mobilization toolkit
This online toolkit is a practical guide to sharing knowledge in your community and beyond. It combines the best available evidence with real-world examples on how to share what you know and put that knowledge into action.

Aboriginal family engagement

Working with Indigenous families: Engagement bundle

Support services





Focus group interviews

Qualitative interviewing

Using Questionnaires

Case studies

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