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Online learning events

Past learning events




Lunch and Learn - How to be a lean, keen, quality machine: Lean for the CYMH sector

Ann Barber
Kristina Rohde
Monica Armstrong, Youth Services Bureau

This webinar will help you discover Lean– an approach to improvement that’s gaining momentum in the mental health sector. Join us if you’re looking to improve the quality of services that you provide, seeking information on the latest quality improvement approaches or want obtain tools and resources to help refine your services to better meet the needs of children, youth and families in your community. We’ll discuss some of the key concepts related to quality initiatives and the Lean approach that will help you navigate the process.

What you'll get:

  • a brief overview of quality improvement and the Lean and Lean Six Sigma approach
  • knowledge of various tools and resources offered through Lean and Lean Six Sigma that support your quality improvement efforts
  • a realistic idea of what it’s like to implement the Lean approach

Armed with certifications in Lean and a wealth of experience in the health and mental health sector, Ann Barber and Kristina Rohde are ready to dole out some practical Lean knowledge. They talk quality improvement and process improvement language fluently and back it up with real-life experience. Monica Armstrong will speak to how Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa is creating a Lean culture across its organization, both in how they work internally as well as in their system planning work as the lead agency for child and youth mental health in Ottawa.





Together to live e-forums - A collective impact: Sustaining and growing our community collaborations

Paul Born, Tamarack

Hear from Paul Born, President and co-founder of Tamarack: An institute for community engagement, as he guides you through the concept of collective impact as an approach to sustaining and growing collaborations for long-term social change. 




Together to live e-forum - Creating and implementing a strategic plan for community-wide youth suicide prevention/life promotion initiatives

Judy North
Tana Nash
Ann-Marie Deas
Vanessa Copetti

The panel discussion will feature representatives from Waterloo, Grey Bruce and Thunder Bay, they share tips when preparing and implementing a strategic plan for community-wide youth suicide prevention/life promotion initiatives.




Together to live e-forums - Planning, doing and using evaluation in community-wide youth suicide prevention/youth life promotion initiatives

Dr. Purnima Sundar

Hear from Purnima Sundar (PhD), Director of Knowledge Mobilization at the Centre, an expert in community-based, participatory action research and program evaluation in the areas of community mental health and diversity. In this e-forum, she talks about how to plan for and carry out an evaluation of your initiative to help you determine if it’s achieving outcomes that make sense for your community.




Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): A strengths based approach

Dr. Clare Mitchell

Level: Intermediate

This presentation is an overview of FASD, including recent 2015 diagnostic guidelines.  A review of the neurobehavioral effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on children and adolescents will be presented as well as providing strength based strategies and resources.

Learning objectives:

  • Summarize the different types of clinical diagnoses associated with prenatal alcohol exposure.
  • Recognize impact of prenatal alcohol exposure on cognition, behavior, development and physical health of affected children.
  • Gain knowledge regarding community resources in prevention, assessment and management of FASD.

To view this archived webcast, please contact us.




Leaky Brakes: What they are and what they aren't

Sharon Skutovich, BSW, MSW, RSW, Brake Shop Social Worker & Clinic Lead
Becky Richards, Community Behaviour Consultant, Brake Shop

Level: Introductory
This is an overview presentation for mental health professionals intended to improve understanding of Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders, how to recognize them and how not to misinterpret them.  This is an introductory level presentation. 

Learning objective:

  • Increase knowledge regarding Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders

There is no recording of this session available, but for more information please visit: or contact us.




Together to live e-forums - For youth, by youth: Creating a community that promotes lives worth living

Taylor Holden
Trina Hall
Alicia Raimundo

Hear from Taylor Holden, Trina Hall and Alicia Raimundo, three connected and engaged youth, as they share the most current evidence related to engaging youth in community-wide youth life promotion/suicide prevention efforts, particularly around the benefits associated with youth engagement.




Gender variance and gender dysphoria in children and adolescents: Cases and approaches in the clinical setting

Dr. Joey Bonifacio, MD FRCPC MSc MPH MA

Level: Intermediate
Learning objectives:

  • review current gender terminology and approaches in working with clients with gender concerns   
  • integrate the diagnosis of gender dysphoria in your clinical assessment
  • formulate non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches to managing gender dysphoria
  • assess your clinical environment in coordinating clinical care for clients with gender dysphoria
  • appraise your clinical setting for gender inclusiveness

To view this archived webcast, please contact us.




Together to live e-forums - Integrating evidence into youth suicide prevention: Better use of what we know

Dr. Ian Manion

Hear from youth suicide prevention expert, Dr. Ian Manion, as he explores the importance of applying evidence informed-practices to youth suicide prevention/life promotion in your community.




Adding it all up: A value-based planning process for child and youth mental health services

William Gardner

This webinar is an overview of the policy ready paper, “Adding it all up: A value-based planning process for child and youth mental health services”.




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