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Method mini-toolkit - Focus group interviews: An overview

Methods mini-kits are brief documents designed to provide introductory-level, up-to-date information on a particular data collection technique for evaluation and research projects. The information is presented in an accessible way, and is intended to give the user an overview of a particular method and its use in the child and youth mental health sector by answering such questions as:

1.    What is this method and how do I use it?
2.    What are some things to consider when using this method?
3.    How do I analyze the data that is produced?
4.    What are some of the strengths and limitations of this method?
5.    Where can I go for more information?

Methods mini-kits are educational tools that can be used to support evaluation and research activities in organizations providing mental health services to children, youth and families. While there is a lot of important information available on different methods these days, these mini-kits provide a basic introduction to methods without using a lot of jargon or “research speak”. Users are provided with suggestions for additional resources to access if they would like more information. These resources are meant to complement the supports provided by Centre evaluation consultants, and work to supplement the information provided in the program evaluation toolkit.

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