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Lunch and Learn - How to be a lean, keen, quality machine: Lean for the CYMH sector

March 7, 2017

Ann Barber
Kristina Rohde
Monica Armstrong, Youth Services Bureau

This webinar will help you discover Lean– an approach to improvement that’s gaining momentum in the mental health sector. Join us if you’re looking to improve the quality of services that you provide, seeking information on the latest quality improvement approaches or want obtain tools and resources to help refine your services to better meet the needs of children, youth and families in your community. We’ll discuss some of the key concepts related to quality initiatives and the Lean approach that will help you navigate the process.

What you'll get:

  • a brief overview of quality improvement and the Lean and Lean Six Sigma approach
  • knowledge of various tools and resources offered through Lean and Lean Six Sigma that support your quality improvement efforts
  • a realistic idea of what it’s like to implement the Lean approach

Armed with certifications in Lean and a wealth of experience in the health and mental health sector, Ann Barber and Kristina Rohde are ready to dole out some practical Lean knowledge. They talk quality improvement and process improvement language fluently and back it up with real-life experience. Monica Armstrong will speak to how Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa is creating a Lean culture across its organization, both in how they work internally as well as in their system planning work as the lead agency for child and youth mental health in Ottawa.

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