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Learning modules

Welcome to the home of the Centre’s growing collection of online learning modules. Whether you’re looking for information about implementation, evaluation or specific mental health topics we’re adding modules all the time, so check back often to see what’s new.

Youth and family engagement

  • Family engagement in mental health care

    An overview of the core definitions, theories and benefits of family engagement in mental health care, and an introduction to the Bringing Family Engagement Into Action training to help you start your journey toward family engagement.
  • Youth engagement in mental health care

    What is youth engagement? Why is it so important in child and youth mental health care?


  • Introductory module

    An overview on how to navigate through the material presented in the implementation learning modules.
  • Leading organizational change

    An introduction to topics surrounding leadership in the change process and how to influence change.
  • Teamwork and collaboration

    The key success factors involved in building a team and the components influencing teamwork.
  • Needs assessment

    A focus on staff readiness, the need for an evidence-informed practice, critical appraisals and selecting the right evidence-informed practice.
  • Implementing evidence-informed practices

    A look at the factors influencing the implementation process and the National Implementation Research Network implementation drivers.
  • Monitoring and evaluating outcomes

    An overview and guidance on how to implement an outcome measurement system.
  • Closing module

    A discussion on next steps and other support available from the Centre.
  • Evaluating the Implementation of EIPs

    This module will provide an overview of evaluating the implementation of evidence informed practice, outcome evaluation, and useful tools for evaluating implementation.

Special topics in child and youth mental health

Working together


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