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Family engagement resource guide

This guide provides information and resources to support meaningful family engagement practice in your child and youth mental health organization. It has been co-created by Parents for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH) We share what the evidence says works (and doesn’t work) to help guide you as you work to integrate family voice and establish meaningful partnerships with families at all levels of your agency.

Meaningful family engagement requires a partnership with families at all levels of planning, implementing and evaluating —in fact, without these partnerships, meaningful family engagement is not possible. Our family engagement team is available to provide expert support, guidance and advice throughout the process of building relationships and partnerships with families and will help you to engage meaningfully with families in your community to bring these practices to life. Together, they will connect you with valuable tools and resources (many of which are featured in this guide) that will help you to use a planned approach to implement these practices in your organization.

This resource is intended to be used as you collaborate with PCMH/Centre’s family engagement team and local family partners to embed family engagement practices throughout your agency. This is not intended to be a stand-alone resource; instead, it’s meant to complement important conversations and planning as these take place. The information presented in this resource integrates the current research literature, insights from families, and perspectives of clinicians and agency leaders.

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