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Huddle boards: A visual guide to quality

Thursday, March 2, 2017Alex Almendrades

What is a Huddle Board?

A Huddle Board is a visual management system, usually a whiteboard, that serves as visual evidence of your team's quality improvement progress. It tracks a quality improvement task from the time an opportunity is identified all the way to completion. The huddle process is a 15-minute facilitated problem solving that involves your group coming together regularly to identify and discuss issues, big or small, they want to fix.

How does it help?

As a quality improvement tool, a Huddle Board provides a tangible record of your quality improvement work in a common space. It represents the issues that are important to your group, encourages collaborative problem solving and tracks each issue as it is developed and resolved. It's the nerve centre of ongoing quality improvement, and does it ever feel good to move those tickets from stage to stage!

How do we use our Huddle Board?

Here at the Centre, we gather around our Huddle Board every Monday morning at 9:30. Any member of our team can identify an improvement opportunity at any time - they just need to write up a ticket and stick it on the board. During our huddles, we identify teams to tackle new challenges, follow up on ongoing ones, and of course, celebrate the successes along the way. At the moment the Centre is working on a ticket to reduce the amount of salt we track through the building (thus saving on cleaning costs) and another to overhaul our entire internal communication system (easy, right?). No issue is too big or too small to be tackled through the Huddle Board.

The Huddle Board is a great resource for introducing the process of quality improvement in your agency/organization. If you’re interested in exploring this great resource, along with many others, make sure you watch the recording of our Lunch and Learn from March 7th. Our QI Specialist Team and a representative from Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa hosted and answered questions about moving forward with implementing quality improvement.

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