The Year Ahead

Policy Papers

Applying policy recommendations to practice to strengthen the interface between primary care and community-based child and youth mental health services. We are collaborating on a research pilot designed to promote inter-provider communication, identify clinical/service pathways and pilot the use of a standardized screening tool (HEADS-ED) adapted to primary care.

Just In Time

New policy- and practice-ready papers, collecting just-in-time evidence to inform pressing policy decisions. Our newest paper will make targeted, evidence-informed recommendations for policies and concrete tools, resources and supports to guide mental health service delivery for children aged 3-6 years old who are experiencing mental health-related challenges in schools.

Virtual Learning

A new year of virtual learning events to share real-world evidence with those who need it most. Stay tuned for more information via the Centre’s blog and e-newsletter, Field Notes

Innovation Initiatives

Innovation initiatives that will support agencies to implement promising practices for broader sector benefit and continuous learning.

Resource Hub

A new-and-improved home for the Centre’s growing collection of diverse and practical resources. Our new resource hub (with 250 products and counting) will be launched in June 2017


Two can’t-miss symposia that will re-define quality in child and youth mental health. Mark your calendars for October and March


Continued work towards provincial alignment, standardized guidelines and best practices with our Lead Agency Community of Practice partners.