System Impact

Lead Agency Community of Practice

The Centre is committed to supporting a system transformation that makes a difference to children, youth and families and results in a consistent, effective and equitable system. That’s why we support agencies and communities on the ground, while facilitating knowledge sharing and collective problem solving at the provincial level through the Lead Agency Community of Practice (CoP). Operational leaders from all lead agencies meet in-person three times a year to network, share, plan and connect.

In 2016-17 the Lead Agency CoP identified two priority areas of focus for their collective work:

Core service definitions

As system transformation evolved, it quickly became apparent that the core services identified by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services weren't as simple and straight-forward as they seemed. Agencies were applying the definitions differently across the province, resulting in a patchwork of services that couldn't be compared to one another. The CoP saw the challenge and is currently working to establish consistent guidelines for applying the core service definitions as well as supporting accurate measurement of needs and services across the province.

System Planning

Lead agencies are responsible for planning child and youth mental health services in their communities - within and across sectors. It's a new role for most of them. The CoP wanted to develop a consistent approach to many of their planning efforts, such as gathering population health data, engaging with their partners and stakeholders and using information more efficiently and effectively to plan better for the community. This group is currently working with the Centre to improve this area of their work.

The degree to which Centre supports have helped the lead agency community of practice members pursue common goals.
The degree to which the Lead agency community of practice has increased knowledge sharing among agencies.
Please continue to do what you’re doing. I think many of us feel somewhat isolated in our roles, so having these opportunities to come together is amazing! The leadership provided by the Centre has been very effective.
- Lead agency community of practice member
The Lead agency community of practice has helped identify common barriers that service areas are having with respect to the Moving on Mental Health Strategy. We have been able to discuss common priorities and next steps which will identify opportunities for provincial consistency.
- Lead agency community of practice member