System Impact

Managing risk in a transforming system

In September 2016, the Centre and Lutherwood co-hosted a risk management symposium for Ontario’s child and youth mental health agencies. Participants received up-to-date knowledge and evidence on risk management, and heard practical advice on managing real-life risk in the context of child and youth mental health.

110 participants
Satisfaction: 4.6/5
Usefulness: 4.6/5

The Centre created a resource to provide a high-level overview of risk management and is intended to support organizations during the beginning stages of developing and implementing a risk management framework. In this resource, we propose an overarching framework for risk management activities, along with key considerations and tools to support agencies through the various stages of planning, implementation and evaluation. We also provide various links to user friendly templates, case study examples, and external resources.

I was able to better understand how to implement risk management in my organization.
- Participant
The best part was hearing about key considerations and best practices in risk management. It validated what we were already doing and will support our forward movement and growth.
- Participant
Consent, privacy and documentation

The Centre’s PHIPA in Practice event (Personal Health Information Protection Act) was a hot ticket event in February 2017. Attendees learned how to be aware of and how to sort through the overlapping, and at times conflicting, legal and professional requirements related to collecting, protecting and managing client personal information.

Helping us work through this complex subject was Robert Solomon, who engaged the room with his extensive knowledge, on-point stories and sense of humor.

120 participants
Satisfaction: 4.8/5
Usefulness: 4.7/5
Very, very interesting. This was clear communication of a complicated topic. One of the most valuable workshops I’ve attended.
- Participant
OMG everything was amazing. This should be mandatory training for everyone.
- Participant