Local Impact

Introduction to Local Impact

The Centre continues to adapt to meet evolving needs of Ontario’s child and youth mental health sector. When agencies told us they needed better support to deal with specific and complex issues, we listened. In 2016-17, we responded by re-organizing our staff and leadership structure to make room for more people with expertise in quality improvement, performance measurement and system planning.

Redefining Quality

System transformation depends on leadership, innovation and creativity at all levels. The Centre works hand-in-hand with agencies, communities, youth and families to address real-world problems with real-world solutions that will make way for more efficient and effective services.

Our team of knowledge brokers, backed by a team of specialists, support agencies by sharing evidence, best practices and by engaging in collaborative problem solving.

Quality Improvement

Sometimes the devil is in the details. When an agency knows they could be doing something better, the Centre’s quality improvement specialists roll up their sleeves and dive in to help them get the job done. Using lean methods and expert implementation advice, the Centre joins agency teams to plan, implement and measure improvements that will have positive impacts.

Performance Measurement

A commitment to quality isn’t worth much unless you know where you’re at, where you want to go and if you’re getting any closer to your goals. Performance measurement extends across every aspect of an agency’s operations, and it assesses an organizations ability to deliver results over time. The Centre partners with agencies and service areas across Ontario to help them identify their goals, measure and keep track of their progress every step of the way.

System Planning

Child and youth mental health touches many sectors, organizations, processes and professionals. Untangling the relationships, partnerships and pathways can be challenging, especially in an environment where people seem to be pulled in an impossible number of directions and wait lists continue to grow. The Centre’s team coaches agencies to plan more efficiently and effectively with community partners for a more coordinated and accessible system of care.

Youth Suicide Prevention

Every aspect of preventing youth suicide is complex. It has no beginning, no middle and no end. It encompasses a diverse set of factors and requires a collaborative approach. The Centre provides expert consultation to cross-sectoral groups dedicated to building suicide-safer communities. Our support spans the prevention – risk management – postvention continuum and includes togethertolive.ca, the Centre’s online youth suicide prevention and life promotion toolkit.

Family Engagement

There’s no point in transforming the system unless it transforms the service experience for Ontario youth and their families. The Centre supports agencies and communities to work side-by-side with families in every aspect of their work – from improving processes to measuring success to connecting with partners.

Youth Engagement

Young people are not the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today. The Centre doesn’t just engage youth, we put them in the driver’s seat and support agencies to follow our lead towards a more innovative and relevant system that meets their constantly evolving needs. Our comprehensive suite of youth engagement services are designed to help agencies and youth build meaningful partnerships to develop services that best fit our youth.

Evidence Insight

The Centre supports agencies answer research questions and provide the latest evidence to those that need it, when they need it most. Although these questions are typically posed by individual child and youth mental health agencies, they often have much broader applicability.

Agency Goal
To increase their knowledge relating to peer support in a mental health context.
Report Synopsis
Presents evidence on youth peer support, along with key considerations for program development and implementation.
Agency Goal
To expand services for adolescent males by offering dating violence prevention programs.
Report Synopsis
Outlines key considerations for teen dating violence prevention programs; highlighting programs that have demonstrated positive effects in changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.
Agency Goal
To develop youth engagement strategies and be more inclusive of young people in communities outside of where they are located.
Report Synopsis
Describes barriers to engaging rural and remote youth, their impact and key considerations and recommendations for overcoming them.

Sometimes the way forward is clear, but more often the road is murky and rife with detours and forks. Change isn’t going away, so mastering change resilience is now an essential skill for professionals, leaders and organizations. The Centre recognized the need and provided change management training and support to three Ontario agencies in 2016-17. We also developed a hands-on change management guide, with current evidence on change management practice, helpful tips, tools and take-aways for the leaders of today who are tasked with leading large and small change initiatives in their organizations and communities.

Our organization has gone through a lot of change. The Centre’s training pushed us to establish a transition management committee, which has really helped move staff, management and the organization in general through the change process.
- Lead agency